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miscellaneous telecom stuff

Telecom Digest
Total Telecom
Fierce Telecom
AT&T Press Releases
MCI Press Releases
( formerly known as Worldcom)
SBC press releases
Sprint Press Releases
Org of Small Telecom Companies
Payphone Project
Pay Phone Directory
Phone Directory for IXCs (NH)
Cagey Consumer's area code links

interesting phone number lists

numbers of interest
MicroWorld's Phone Book Database
hacker info
Phone Losers of America 1999 list
Phone Losers of America 1998 list
Phone Losers of America 1997 list
Phone Losers of America 1996 list
PLA 315
Bulletproof Calling Number Log

other telecom links pages

selected sites
selected sites
service & equipment vendors
Steve Goodmans
comprehensive list
Jeff MacKie-Mason
short list
selected sites
Farmers Telephone
selected sites
Keith O'Brien
short list
service & eqpt vendors & telecom pubs
WesTrade Intl Telecom
telcos, pubs, reference info & more
Able Communications
short list
selected sites
Telecom Digest
selected sites
Nigel Allen
selected sites
Technical University of Budapest
selected sites
Pacific Telecom Council
short list
Committee T1
selected links
Bruce Taylor
very short list
Terry Gleason
selected sites
Eivind Vea
vendors, associations, pubs, & directories
Ahern Communications
mobile & other links
African links
selected sites esp. hacking
German CCC
more hacking stuff
Nathan Walsh
ITU Global Directory
Michigan Local Calling Areas
Cyber Telephone Museum

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