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These are links to false or misleading information that Sprint provides about their products and services. If you have examples of other Sprint lies, please mail them to

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dime-a-minute round-the-clock Until 5/30/97, this claimed that you could get the dime-a-minute rate round-the-clock if you would "just sign up for Sprint Sense", but went on to say that this rate was only good on evenings and weekends.
Choose the best calling plan This form is supposed to help you select the best calling plan based on your calling patterns. Until recently, it would either recommend the Sprint Sense or Sprint Sense California plans, both of which cost 25¢ a minute for interstate daytime calls. It now may suggest another plan, such as Sprint Sense Day, which reduces the cost of interstate daytime calls to 15¢ a minute. Although the information requested on the form is insufficient to determine which calling plan is best for you, Sprint evidently doesn't mind if you sign up with a plan that costs you more money, as long as you sign up with Sprint. Just another Sprint lie!
Signup form The Sprint Sense program is described as
Sprint Sense® 10-a-minute long distance. The simplest saving plan all around.
even though the day rate is 25¢ a minute. When this omission was pointed out to Sprint, they replied:
Our Sprint Sense rate plan features a 10¢ a minute rate on evenings and all weekend long. We believe the rates are well known and that the web site does state the rates accurately, however, we are changing the web site copy to add more clarity.
It's been over two months, and we're still waiting for them to fix this lie.
Half-price Mother's Day calls Sprint's press release promised that callers could talk "twice as long", suggesting that they were reducing rates by 50% for Mother's Day. To qualify for this, you had to spend $20 on Sprint's prepaid phone card. What were they offering you half-price of? Their prepaid calling card rate of 32¢ a minute, meaning that your calls were still costing 16¢ a minute, which is about the same as AT&T's basic weekend rate, and 60% more than Sprint's heavily-promoted "dime-a-minute" rate.
Fridays Free Consumer protest against low-balling and discrimination by Sprint
Shareholder Rights Plan This poison pill makes it impractical for other companies to make tender offers unless the Sprint Board of Directors approve. A more appropriate name would be Shareholder Confiscation Plan.
Dime-a-Minute to Canada It was a case of buyer beware when Sprint started offering weekend calls to Canada for just 10¢ per minute in January 1996, but they failed to mention that they were charging the most during the rest of the time, at rates over $1 per minute.

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