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Wanna Be an Armchair Tycoon?
Multi-Level Marketing By Any Other NameGlossary
Money Games Everybody throws money in the air & picks up what they can
MLM - the truth! How to analyze MLM programs
Nonsense Silly Statements About Multi-Level Marketing
"We'll Build Your Downline for You" The truth about "spillover"
Rick Ross: "Commercial/Business Groups" The "Cult Connection"
Specific MLM's
2Xtreme Performance International How to Become an Extremely Unhappy Distributor
Amway The one and only Amway!
 Skeptic's Dictionary  The Untold Story  The Perils of Amway  Amway Scams India  Positive opinions of Amway  Discussion of how Amway could work
Big Book Direct The Usual Question: MLM or Pyramid Scheme?
Delfin System Achieve personal happiness and get rich too?
Excel Communications New Model for the MLM Industry
Family of Eagles Gold Coin MLM
Global Interactive Investment Club Credit cards for everyone!
Global Prosperity Group/
Global Prosperity Marketing Group
Multilevel Madness?
HerbalifeRead about the lawsuit against this MLM
High-Tech Safety $4000/month, No Experience Needed!
International Metals & Trade (FL) Yet Another Pyramid Scheme
Mary Kay Personal Experiences
Rocky Mountain International Solid Gold [Wayback archive] Real gold, all for you!
Strategies for Success More coupons to buy!
Toward Ultimate Financial Freedom Never work for a paycheck again!
In Memoriam
AdverWorld update The Internet leader in expensive, useless home pages.
Beat the System The best place to buy grocery coupons.
Destiny Telecomm International Prepaid Long Distance
 Equinox Closed  AG Press Release  Message from Court-Appointed Receiver  Rick Ross' Equinox Page
Prior Articles
 Brief History of Equinox Litigation  Metro article  Consent Decree (WA)  An Equinox Distributor's Experience
Five Star Auto Club FTC says no such thing as a free car
Fortuna Alliance Purchase hundreds of thousands of objects at a discount!
Freeway 100 Not just another long distance company.
GetGasFree Marketing Group One bad program copies another bad program
Gold Unlimited (Idaho) [Wayback archive] More gold than you can shake a stick at!
High Opportunity Petroleum Enterprise (HOPE) Buy gas now, save later?
International Heritage Inc. Personal experience [6/18/97]
JewelWay FTC takes action
Orbit the Talking Computer [Wayback archive] Make Money Fast parody? No, SkyBiz.
Analysis, Opinion, and Other Reports
Pyramid Scheme Alert
Legal Principles of Multi-Level Marketing (Grimes & Reese)
Shaking the Money Tree (Metro) alternate link
MLMs -- Call a Pyramid a Pyramid ( [Wayback archive]
Selling the Dream (Worth) [Wayback archive]
What's Wrong with MLM alternate link (Van Druff)
Building an MLM Empire (Fugi Saito) [Wayback archive]
Is this a pyramid scheme? (Clements)
MLM Legality Test alternate link (Nehra)
MLM -- Road to Riches or Road to Disaster? (Katharine Reader)
Why 90% Fail Miserably at MLM (Business Lyceum)
The Personal Consumption Dilemma (MLM Insider) [Wayback archive]
Don't Get Burned in MLM (Prodigy) [Wayback archive]
The Mirage of MLM
Make Money Fast...& more (Watrous)
False Profits (Fitzpatrick & Reynolds)
MLM Alerts on the Net
MLM Watchdog
MLM Insider Watchdog (sample issue) [Wayback archive]
Quatloos Guide to MLM
Make Money Fast & MLM Scams (Eli Teitelbaum)
Cagey Consumer's opinion
Other Advisories
U. S. Federal Trade Commission 11/96 12/96
U.S. Postal Service
Canberra (Australia) Attorney General
BBB Council
various state & national governments: Australia, California, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Utah, Virginia Washington Washington
If the MLM you participate in is really a disguised pyramid scheme, here's what could happen:
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