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Personal Experience: Mary Kay Cosmetics

I was recruited into Mary Kay two years ago. I jumped on the band wagon and worked my butt off. About six months into the deal, I realized they tried to talk every girl/woman into buying as much product to stock on their shelves as they could possibly squeeze out of her.

Then, I noticed a ton of women who were not wise enough to protect their interest by getting out within the 12 months you are alloted. There are tons and tons of women with huge inventories in their basements collecting dust. There are so many incentives that require buying more products. Many women have maxed out their credit cards purchasing unneeded inventory to acquire another prize level or sales director status.

The thing is, Mary Kay boasts that they are the number one best-selling cosmetic on the market. This comes from sales numbers; guess who is buying the products, the dealers, not the public. I wish someone would expose this as it is horrible what is going on.

The products are excellent, but their marketing plan stinks for the majority of women biting into it. I was lucky enough to sell down my inventory and now I sell only to a select group of women. There are so many women that did not see what was going on until it was too late for them to return their $3000+ inventory.

Other Opinions About Mary Kay
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Updated March 18, 2002