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how to make a million dollars

by Maurice MacFadden
You may not get rich quick in dollars but you can download some great common sense via the internet.
This article is reprinted without permission from the Winter 1999 issue of Big Picture Magazine under the fair use doctrine. Big Picture Magazine is published by PrimeTime Publishing Inc. for Rogers Communications, and is distributed to Rogers cable customers in Greater Toronto, Ontario.
Any good financial planner will tell you that a 25-year-old with an average income can begin an investment program that will make them a millionaire by retirement. There are many ways to attain this goal but, hey, how many really listen? At 25, you're going to live forever, right?

When we finally reach that dubious milestone of 50 years of age, many of us are carrying a debt load comparable to the weight of a big bag of rocks. Reality can hit hard when we realize we've only got 10 to 15 years left for the serious earning. This predicament of debt vs. time left vs. where's the party? has touched off more than a few midlife crises, no doubt.

Today, the average person has access to good information that allows better control over one's financial destiny. The internet has truly opened the door like never before.

The majority of us want a savings or investing program that works, something safe, easy to maintain, with a reasonable return on what you put in. My recommendation? Start by checking out your own ban: almost every financial institution has online access now.

If you're a player longing for something more daring than the standard RRSP, or if you simply want to play it straight, take a look at these different websites. This is a mere tip of the iceberg as to what's out there but enough detail to whet your piggy bank's appetite.

Hot spots for today's entrepreneurs
CBC's Venture Case Studies Venture has covered the struggles and successes of hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs. Read up on 13 seasons worth of case histories.
Electronic Commerce in Canada This is a good site for gathering background info on starting and opening an internet-based business.
AMWAY: The Untold Story Home Page Amway is considered the mother of all multi-level marketing schemes and this somewhat biased site takes no prisoners.
AMWAY: An Insider's Perspective Another version, for the sake of balance, on the AMWAY to financial security.
Cagey Consumer Here is an interesting site with legitimate info on multi-level marketing and other similar schemes.
Before you invest, start here
Edustock This educational web page explains the stock market, with tutorials on how to pick good stocks.
Big Charts Canada Easy-to-use interactive charts, quotes, reports and indicators on more than 50,000 stocks, mutual funds and market indexes.
Silicon Investor This site is run by a virtual company of savvy individuals from around the world who try to spot the beset investment opportunities.
Online Investors This site rates the brokers and has tons of great info and links. Their overall highest rated online broker is E*TRADE. [Cagey's note: sorry, this link is dead as of 1/1999.]
E*TRADE Canada Get online access to securities markets and value-added financial info including market updates, stock quotes, research companies, and mutual fund performance records.
The Investors Learning Centre of Canada A great resource for individual investors. Written in plain language, aimed at the average person, this site offers simple facts on investing. Created by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), sponsored by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada and the Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta stock exchanges.
Planning is the key to greater wealth
Money98 vs. Quicken 98 These two software titans are battling for the right to manage your money. Here is PC Magazine Online's exhaustive evaluation so you can see which is best for you.
The Virtual Tax Resource Centre/Taxcast Read up on the latest developments in Canadian tax news.
Revenue Canada Online access to most of Revenue Canada's public info, including news releases and speeches by the Minister of National Revenue.

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Updated January 19, 1999